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1) General terms and conditions:

a) All mentioned rates are:

i) Guide service:  We do not charge any VAT. The VAT obligation is transferred to the ordering company abroad. In other words: VAT for guide services should be declared to your local tax office and then can be deducted at the same time (European law per 1/1/10). So net there is no VAT charge for guide services with our company.  

ii) For all other services the VAT is excluded and will be charged as mentioned on our offers/confirmations..

b) Reservations only by email

c) Rates applicable for Dutch, English, French, German, & Spanish. Other languages available on request

d) FREE cancellations until 10 working days before start of service.

- Cancellations within 10 working days: 50 % of the applicable rate.

- Cancellations within 7 working days: 75 % of the applicable rate.

- Cancellations within 3 working days or no-show: 100 % of the applicable rate.

e) A booking is definitive after our confirmation and also in case of last minute bookings the cancellation fee will  apply.

f) Full payment for our services must be in our possession at least 14  days before start of service.

g) Bank details: IBAN:  NL57 ABNA 0543 6860 86      BIC:  ABNANL2A

h) 4 weeks before termination of the service you will receive a proforma invoice. A final invoice will be sent within 4 weeks after termination of the services


2) Specific terms and conditions per published rate:

a) Half day tours should finish before 13.30 hours or start after 13.30 hours. 

b) Full day tours are maximum 9 hours on one day and should allow 1 hour lunchtime.

c) In case the tour takes longer than expected with a maximum of 1 hour, an extra hour will be charged. If a tour takes longer than expected more than 1 hour, an extra half day will be charged.

d) Standard working hours are between 8.00 hours and 20.00 hours. If a tour starts or finishes outside these hours a surcharge will be applicable.

e) Dinner allowances: If a tour finishes after 20.00 hours or the guide/tourmanager must stay overnight with the group and no arrangements for dinner are made, a set amount for dinner will be charged. With the exception of tours starting after 17.00

f) Maximum number of participants for a walkingtour: 25.  If a whisper system is available: to be agreed

g) Maximum number of participants for a bicycle tour: 15 within city. Outside cities: 20

h) Maximum Number of participiants for a museumtour: Depends on museum regulations. Mostly 15.


3) Specific explanation and conditions for travel expenses / time for guides Amsterdam:

a) Rates and times are charged regardless of the actual costs or times for all tours starting outside the ring of Amsterdam. The travel time is added to the duration of the tour for the determination of the rate.  

b) For unlisted places; Please ask for advance information.

c) In case the tour will start ore end  before or after the end of the normal public transport schedule, charges will be calculated corresponding to taxi costs. We can only provide an estimate in advance.


4) Specific terms and conditions for reserving a guide or tourmanager: 

a) At the time of making a booking  we will need to know at least the date, hours, number of participants and language. When making the final booking we will need to know also the group’s program with indication of tour schedule. For transfers or airport-duty: Please advise us of the exact group name or right name to be put on the sign. 

b) Always report the number of passengers when making a reservation for walking- or museum tours. 

c) Give us much as possible information about a group when making the final booking. A simple detail as student-group is valuable to our guides. Also information about the group’s entire program can be useful even if our guide only does a part of the whole program. 

d) Preferences for a guide can not be guaranteed. When the preference is for a guide with other rates than the HTG Services rates, a surcharges will be charged.


5) Telephone expenses:

a) For duties that require the need and use of a mobile phone, there is a standard surcharge of € 5, 00. Duties for which we will charge this standard fee are e.g. airport-duties for which our guide must stay in touch with clients or tourmanagers over the mobile phone. If the expenses involved are considerably higher than € 5, 00, the extra expenses will be charged.

b) If a tour involves many uncertainties about its execution and therefore our guide needs to contact the client, directly or via us, an amount of € 1, 50 will be charged per necessary call.

c) These rates exclude 21 % VAT. 


6) Emergency contact: 

Only for emergencies HTG Services can be reached outside office hours (Mon – Fri 09.00 – 17.00 hours) on our emergence mobile number: +31.6. 1592 2490.  Please use this number just for emergencies.

Guide details:

Before the start of each tour you will be informed of the name of the guide and his/her mobile phone number.  We, however, keep the right to change without notification the guide, also in last-minute matters.

Abuse of guide details:

If the client uses the guide data provided by us for purposes other than establishing contact between the group and the guide, for example, for direct access to work by the Guide, outside of our mediation, then we will send an invoice regarding the client of an invoice from € 10,000.00 for handling fee booking agents.

Complaints procedure:

a) Complaints about the services provided should be sent to us by email within 21 days after completion of the service. 

b) All complaints sent to us within this period, will be answered in writing within a month after it was received. Only in special circumstances, e.g. the involved guide is away on holiday for a period superseding this month, this time can be exceeded. We will inform the client involved in such cases.

c) All complaints will be answered after consulting the guide involved.

d) Complaints do not automatically result in refunds.

e) Only complaints in which the malfunctioning of the guide is very clear to all parties involved may result in a refund of the services paid.


10) General restriction on published rates:

All published rates are valid at the time of booking and will be changed only in case of forced legal financial changes on e.g. salaries, taxes, administration or obliged insurances.

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